What If?

Sometimes my brain starts spinning and I begin to beat myself up internally.  I start to think about all the things that I have done wrong or times that I have hurt people, deliberately or not.  I think of being face-to-face with God and just lowering my head in shame because of missed opportunities.

As I began to go there again tonight, a question popped into my head…..

What If?

What if, instead of being confronted with all of my wrongs, God does the complete opposite?

What if God shows me all of the times when I have done right?  The times when I have been there for someone, times I have lifted others up and given them hope.  Times when I helped another in need or brought faith into someone’s life.

What if God doesn’t keep a record of my ‘wrongs,’ but has a beautiful volume of my ‘rights?’

Doesn’t that better match my idea of just who God is?

What if I stop dwelling on the negatives, and begin to accept and receive gracious love that God gives?

What if I relax in Grace?

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