I consider myself a spiritual person.  I do belong to a specific religion, and while I believe in its Creed, I also see serious flaws in the establishment.  I think of it as one of my vehicles to God, not my only one.  And I respect all religions that teach love and peace.

I have spoken to people who have trouble with God/religion.  I have been asked, ‘how can a God who is supposed to be loving allow such suffering?’  I have one friend who says that she cannot believe because of the suffering.

I wish that I had answers.  I don’t.

There are so many questions that I can’t answer, so many things in this world that I can’t explain, and so many things that I would change (if I were God).

And yet…..

in those quiet moments, when my world is silent, I am filled with a knowing, a certainty that is so clear that all my doubts fade away.

I do know that someday our questions will be answered and our mysteries solved.  The question is, when the veil is lifted, will the questions matter anymore?

Some things are to remain as mysteries, at least for now.  But, I can choose to believe and trust and know. And it is in that choice that my peace is found.