This is my first Mother’s Day without my mom.  It is a bittersweet day for me, because I’m sad that she is no longer within reach, so to speak, but I’m so grateful for the many years we shared together.

There are a few things that I have realized about moms throughout the years:

  • Yes, mom is a person too!  It is so easy to only see her as ‘Mom,’ but she is a woman who had a life before you were born.  She has feelings and hopes and dreams like we all do.
  • There are many things that moms want to say, but they don’t.  They are really good at putting themselves last, and hold back their opinions for the greater good.
  • They are excellent observers.  They see and hear things that are below the surface.  They often know how you’re feeling before you even are aware.
  • You can be sure that they always have your best interests in the forefront.  If they disagree with you or offer an opposing viewpoint, pay attention, because they are putting your happiness first.
  • They often hold back, even when they think that you are making an unwise opinion because they know that sometimes you have to fall in order to move forward.
  • They give you both wings and roots.  They are your anchor.

and when you tell them that you love them and they respond,
‘ I love you more,’ believe it because it is true!

I pray that each one of you has a mother in your life who loves, supports, nurtures and cares for you like my mom did.  For those who don’t, I gift you with my prayers.