Easter Glow


Yes, I am a Christian.  I follow, worship and love the God-Man who walked the earth 2,000+ years ago.

Yes, I believe that Jesus was is the long awaited Messiah that God promised.

Yes, I believe that Jesus suffered and died for me, for you, for us.

Yes, I believe that He rose from the dead – conquering sin and death.

Yes, I believe all Jesus’ promises, eternal life, peace, joy, love…..

This is the core of who I am.  I don’t judge you if your beliefs are different than mine. 

And, if you choose to judge me, that is your decision.  It does not change me, it does not influence me, it does not diminish me. 

Yesterday (and everyday) I celebrate my Lord who rose from the dead.  

I celebrate life. I celebrate love. I celebrate the happy ending to all of our life stories.

I bask in the Easter Glow.

4 thoughts on “Easter Glow

  1. And we know that you have been through some challenging times so this acclamation of your faith comes from deep within and has great power! Blessings!

    1. Oh Lynda, thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, it’s been quite a journey, for you as well I’m sure. Wonderful that we can share our thoughts and our faith. Wonderful that we have the support of great people (like you!), wonderful that we have a God who loves us beyond our wildest imaginations.

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