I took my dog for a walk today and I noticed a woman at the top of my street.  I watched as she went to a neighbor’s door.  It was only a moment later that I saw her on the street again, headed for the next house.  Oh, I thought, it must be a Jehovah’s Witness visiting all the houses on my street.  How can I get back to my house without her seeing me so that I can hide when the doorbell rings?

And then, I had another thought……this woman is walking in the cold and ringing doorbells to spread the Good News.  How dare I be unkind to a child of God who believes so much that she is willing to spend her time on foot risking doors being slammed in her face. Just who do I think that I am?

Yes, my beliefs may be different, but that doesn’t really matter.  What is important is that we both love the Lord and so, we must love each other. 

I met her outside, halfway up my very long driveway, and we had a very pleasant chat.  She extended an invitation to a couple of meetings that they were having.  I politely took the literature and wished her a good day.  She seemed so happy to have someone treat her with kindness.

I walked back to my house with tears in my eyes.  How could I not be touched by such pure and simple faith?

I thank God for the people who pound the pavements, feed the poor, service the lonely, and care for the sick.  They are Jesus’ hands and feet in the world.  

Today I opened my door to one of His faithful servants, I opened the door to Him.