A Surprise Gift


I walked to my mailbox yesterday and saw a package in it.  I looked at the Amazon box and wondered what it could be.  I couldn’t remember ordering anything, but it was my name and address on the label….hmmmmm.

I took it inside and opened it.  There was no packing slip or note, just a beautiful journal.  The pages had gorgeous water-colored sketches, simple phrases and writing prompts.  I’ve never been very consistent with journaling, but this one looked quite inviting, and, it did come from an unknown giver……

I called Amazon to see if I could solve this mystery and, just as I expected – and hoped – it was from my daughter! Such a sweet surprise!

So, today I began.  My first ‘assignment?’ List 5 things that make me smile.

Without divulging my entire list, you can be sure that my daughter is on there!!!

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