Sometimes life brings us wonderful surprises, like it did for the beautiful princess who kissed the frog who because a handsome prince!  But, sometimes we ‘kiss the frog,’ and the frog stays a frog.

We all try to help others, solve problems, spread love and peace, and sometimes our efforts make a real difference.  There are also, unfortunately, times when our attempts go unnoticed.  This can be so discouraging, and causes us to be tempted to give up on a person or a situation.  There is no transformation into a prince – the frog remains the frog!

But, here are two things to think about:

  1. We don’t always see the results of our efforts, and I don’t think that is always a bad thing.  
  2. It causes us to look inward, to our motivation.  We keep trying because that is who we are, and regardless of the outcome, our actions speak to our character.

There are many princes waiting to be transformed, but the world also needs frogs!