Lent: what you do for lent vs. what lent does for you

There are some things that I believe in, always have, always hope to:

 I do believe in God.

I believe that this God has many names, love being the main one.

I believe that there is spiritual value in worshiping communities and rituals, but more so for the end result than the process.

 I believe that a relationship with God changes you, if you so desire to be changed. 

And it is these tenets that lead me to the this post.  

Lent is a season of repentance, and by that I mean stopping, examining and repenting, or changing the direction that I am going.  There are many things that may help with this process, fasting, prayer, all the practices that one associates with lent. But then the question must be, ‘where do I go after the 40 days?’  Did I stay true to my promises? Did I sacrifice, pray more, attend church services?  If so, that’s great! I did these things ‘for lent,’ but what did lent do for (or to) me?

As with any real spiritual ritual or practice, it’s not enough to ‘do it.’  There are no boxes to check and no trophies to be won.  At the end of lent, I should be able to ask the question, ‘what did this lent do for (or to) me?  Am I somehow different, was I transformed? 

This 40 day journey ends with the Resurrection.  This is what lent can do. We can be transformed and filled with new life. We can be different than we were when we started.

It’s not a question of what I can do for lent, the question is, what can lent do for me? 

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