A Slice of Toast


I remember a few years back someone saw the face of Jesus on a slice of toast.  Oh, there have been many sightings of Jesus’ face, on buildings, tree trunks, clouds, and so much more.  Believe me, I am not making fun or doubting, because, who am I to judge, and if it reminds you of Christ or brings you closer to Him in any way then that’s just great.

There are other places to see Jesus’ face, however, and we all see those every day.  We should see the face of Jesus in every person we meet.  If we allow ourselves to encounter Christ in others, we will begin to respect, honor, and even love our sisters and brothers. These sort of sightings will never make the evening news but they will certainly make an impact in our lives. Appearances and differences may just not be that important anymore.

Oh, and one more thing…..don’t forget about that face you see in the mirror.  Jesus is there as well!

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