The 8 Words To Say Before Amen


I believe that at some point in our lives we all pray.  Some of us pray daily and others pray only when they are struggling.  Some people give up on prayer when their prayers aren’t answered, and others continue to pray, trusting that God is listening.  

We should pray because Jesus prayed.  Jesus prayed prayers of praise and gratitude, and Jesus prayed prayers of intercession and supplication.

The night before Jesus died, Jesus prayed that God spare Him of the horrible events of the next day.  Of course He would ask that he be spared of the beating, humiliation and crucifixion that lay ahead. He begged His Father to let this cup pass Him by.

But, before He ended His prayer, He said 8 very powerful words:

‘Not my will, but your will be done’

He had faith, He trusted, and He loved.  

He loved enough to trust God’s Will.  

Do I?  

That’s my question for today.

2 thoughts on “The 8 Words To Say Before Amen

  1. I say those eight words at times because I do know in my heart of hearts that God’s way is the best way; however, there are times when I tell the Lord that I want God’s will in my life yet I know that it is my own will that I want. I say the words but at times my heart isn’t in them. So the question remains whether I do trust enough. “I believe. Help my unbelief!”

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