I hesitate to write this post because most people, including myself, avoid pain at all costs.  Who would ever willingly choose pain for oneself or not try anything to keep pain from a loved one.  Pain hurts!  And in some cases, the worst type of pain is that which is invisible to the eye.  The kind of pain that resides so deep within that no one, even those  closest to us, can understand.  The kind of pain that I imagine a tree must feel after it has shed it’s leaves only to face the winter cold naked and barren.

It happens to all of us, I’m afraid no one is immune.  At some point we all face something that cuts to the core, a death of a loved one, an illness, the betrayal of a friend. 

We can’t take the pain away, it is real and it hurts.

Pain changes us, there is no way around that, but we have the choice as to how we allow it to change us.

It’s important to name the pain, recognize it, acknowledge it and yes, wallow in it for a bit because trying to suppress it never works.  After we have sat with it, we choose to continue in the eternal winter, or to look to the light of new growth.

There is something to be gleaned from our pain, otherwise our loving God would never allow it. Sit with God in the midst of the pain.  Let your emotions be raw, don’t hold back. Ask……what am I to do with this?  How can it help me to grow?  How can I help others in my pain?

And then wait.

The answers will come… growth will appear…..the pain may remain, but you will be transformed.