Remember these?


  W.W.J.D. – what would Jesus do?

You could find these everywhere…..bracelets, necklaces, pins…..everywhere. It’s kind of funny really, how could we ever really know what Jesus would do?  Wouldn’t you think that He would have favored the older brother (Prodigal Son) who obeyed and stayed faithful to his father?  Or how ’bout those law abiding Pharisees?  Don’t you think he would have elevated them as an example for us all?  Or, who would guess that the suffering, the meek and those who mourn are blessed?  We must be so very careful when we begin to think that we could ever be certain of W.W.J.D.

While I could never know with certainty what Jesus would do, I am pretty confident in a few things that He wouldn’t do:

He would never put rules, protocol or laws (the law was made for man – remember?) before the needs of people.  

He would never set up hierarchies that elevate some while crushing others

He would never create an institution which becomes bigger than God

And finally……He would want the gifts that He gives (His Body, His Blood) to be shared with everyone, to nourish our souls, and to transform us.

It’s meant to transform!  And then, instead of having to ask W.W. J.D.,  we would live a transformed life ‘knowing.’ 

Somethin’ ain’t workin’ here.