Blogs are great, aren’t they?  So many times we learn things about ourselves and follow the wise advice of others. There are so many self-help blogs out there that we could spend years searching.

They are a way for us to vent, as well.  I’m having a bad day, I blog about it.  I’m dealing with difficult people, I blog about it.  I hate my life right now, I blog about it.

But sometimes things happen that transcend our little blogger’s world, and it is then that we need to get ourselves out of the way and open our eyes.

As much as the news and pics of Hurricane Harvey touch our hearts, we cannot know what it’s like to be a part of this horrible tragedy.  People losing loved ones, pets, homes, all their material possessions that they have worked a lifetime for, I can’t even imagine.

There is real loss here and real sorrow.  And this is just one very sad event in a world that is filled with them.

It’s not about wearing high heels, or coming too soon or too late.  It’s not about the hat you wear.

It’s about people, no, it’s about brothers and sisters who are suffering.  It’s about looking beyond the surface to the living soul.

And, once again, in the face of tragedy, skin color doesn’t matter, personal income doesn’t matter, level of education doesn’t matter.  What matters is the love that is being shown to one another.

Let’s get ourselves out of the way and help our brothers and sisters in Texas and around the world who are suffering.

Pray…..pray for the victims…pray for the caregivers…pray for those in charge….Pray

Pray for a change of heart, for healing and for peace.  We don’t need a tragedy to see deep below the surface, we just need to get ourselves out of the way.