There are people who are toxic to us.  I’m not saying that they are horrible people, I’m simply saying that some people have no place in our lives, and there may be a variety of reasons for this.  

Of course, we need to walk away from anyone who is abusive in any way, there is absolutely no question about that!

But, there are others who, for some reason, rob us of our joy.

For me, these are the Chronic Complainers and Moaners, Glass half-emptiers, and those who play the perpetual Victim, or other words, CCMGV’s

It is just not healthy for me to be around people like this all the time.  They are contagious and before long, I find that I’m in a funk, and often for no other reason than I just spent the day with one of the CCMGVs!

I don’t like cutting others out of my life, it takes a lot of soul-searching and pondering, but when the decision is made, bye-bye!

There are so many things in life that cause us stress that we can’t control, we need to take charge of those that we can.  

I have a sign in my home 


It’s my choice and no one is allowed to take it from me.

Toxic People, farewell!