marina dock

I had the great opportunity to spend the last few days on a boat with my sisters.  My sisters and I have been through a lot these past few months, spending our days by our Mom’s bedside as she prepared to leave this world.  After Mom passed, we went back to our own lives, as they say, life goes on. Until this week….

My sisters have done this before, but this is the first time I joined them.  What did we do?

Well, we never left the dock, but…..

We shopped a little, we ate a little, we watched a couple of movies, we sat and watched the water, we talked, we reminisced,  we laughed, and we sat in silence, we watched the sunrise, and we watched the sunset. 

Were we productive?  Well, certainly not by the world’s standards. At the end of our time together there was nothing that could be measured


We were together, and not everything of value can be quantified.

I spent the last three precious days with my sisters.  I will forever remember…..I will forever be grateful.