This Rose of Sharon bush in my yard always amazes me.  It began blooming a few weeks ago and it looks like this until September.  It is filled with flowers, one after another!

As I was gazing at it this morning, the word ‘abundance’ came to mind and with that, my thoughts turned to God!  God is a God of abundance!

The manna in the desert – although the Israelites were told not to store any for tomorrow, there was obviously enough left over at the end of the day

The Wedding at Cana – Jesus didn’t just make any old table wine, it was the best! and there was left over

The Loaves and Fishes – Jesus instructed them to gather up the left overs

The truth is, God is always ready to give us more than we ask for.  So, why then do we often feel deprived?

For me, at least, it has all to do with the way I ‘receive’ God’s gifts.  Sometimes as I go about my day, something happens that jolts me into thinking, ‘wow, that was definitely from God,’ but lots of times, I just go through the day, not stopping to ‘receive.’

When I do take the time to sit in quiet, God always gives….and gives in abundance.


3 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. Gratitude is central to our faith. We are so blessed to be aware of God’s gifts as many people have no idea of how loving and merciful God is.
    My one Rose of Sharon bush is bursting with buds but the others aren’t nearly ready to bloom. We have had a very cool and rainy summer for the most part but I expect to see flowers before long. I love these bushes with so many blooms for such a long period of time each summer.

  2. Yes and yes again. I forget all the time……..”The truth is, God is always ready to give us more than we ask for. So, why then do we often feel deprived?” That line right there was a stroke of real wisdom! Lori

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