I truly believe that it is so helpful to operate from a set of core beliefs.  A few of mine are above.  I do admit, that they may change depending on where I am in life or what I’m dealing with, but that’s ok.  These are what I’m feeling like at this moment, and here is why I find them so valuable.

There is joy at my center: This certainly does not mean that I am (or have to be) happy at every moment.  What it does mean is that I choose to keep joy at the center of my being.  When I am faced with a difficult person or situation, I know that no one can take away my inner joy.  And this joy comes from gratitude.  Each day brings opportunities for gratitude and joy.

God is all powerful, all knowing, all loving: I can’t even count the times where I have drawn strength and solace from believing this. We can never answer the perpetual question: ‘why do bad things happen?’ We must accept that there are things that we are too limited to understand.  So, if I believe that God is all powerful, knowing, and loving, then I can be certain that there is a bigger picture, a larger reason, and a happy ending.

Time apart is necessary: We need to spend time with ourselves.  This is the only way that we can really come to know who we are.  In my quiet moments I can be free of other people’s opinions about me.  I can reflect on who I am and pray for who I want to be.

So many people are hurting and lonely: I believe this to be so true.  So many people act out of a place of hurt or loneliness.  Loneliness is a silent epidemic, how our lives change when we truly believe that we are loved.

I believe there is good in everyone: I do believe that we are created in the image and likeness of our God.  Even the hardest among us can be touched by a beautiful sunset, a baby’s smile or a kind act.  We may have to dig deep, but there is good in everyone.

Love is healing and unifying: I believe that Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  Love has the power to change.  God is love.  God’s love for us and our love for each other is what makes a difference in the lives of others and in the world.  Never give up on the power of love.

So, these are my core beliefs…..hope I can let them rain down on my today!