I don’t think that it’s unusual to wonder about how others see you.  Most of us want to make a good impression and want others to like us.  The question is, how far do we go to achieve that? When we begin to bend, to twist, and to distort ourselves, I think we’ve gone too far.

It’s a ‘grown-up’ thing to realize that not everyone is going to like us.  Why would we even want that, we certainly don’t like everyone we meet, and that’s ok!

You may think that someone isn’t seeing the ‘real’ you, or that they are not taking the time to get to know you, that happens sometimes, but then the question has to be, how much energy do you want to give in trying to correct that?

I think that we find inner peace by being authentic and true to who we are.  If someone doesn’t recognize my ‘finer’ qualities, then perhaps the blinders are on them, not me.  We can spend our energy on conforming ourselves to other’s desires, or we can spend our energy on getting to know our true selves and embracing them.

discover who you are….work on who you are…celebrate who you are…love who you are