I never pay much attention to my dreams.  In fact, I don’t remember most of them.  Once in a while I will have dream that frightens me so much that I make myself wake up.  After I realize that it was just a dream, I force myself to stay awake for fear that when I fall asleep again, the scary dream will continue.

I have never been into dream meanings or interpretations until recently…I was having a conversation with a dear friend who mentioned how many times God spoke to people in dreams throughout the Bible (Abraham, Jacob, Joseph- Old and New Testament, and many others).  She went on to say that perhaps God speaks to us in dreams to get our attention.  Think about it….our minds are so busy during the day, how many of us really take the time to sit in quiet and listen to the silent voice of God?  

She suggested that I sit with my dreams and ask them (sounds weird but bear with me) what they are trying to teach me.  Don’t try to analyze, just sit in quiet and see what comes to mind.  It just might be something that God is trying to reveal to us.  

God is always loving us.  We carry so much baggage, both conscious and unconscious and God want to free us from all that hurts us.  

I will take her advice, I will sit with my dreams and ask them what they are trying to teach me about myself

But first, I have to remember them…