Ok, these are the things that I’m admitting to today:

  • I eat Chobani Green yogurt to be healthy (but, I add honey to it because I hate the taste of Greek yogurt.  Kind of defeats the purpose???)
  • I love reading books (I start several at the same time and if I really love one, I read the end sooooo slowly)
  • I love a good night’s sleep (one Benadryl knocks me out for the night)
  • I love music (I hate jazz – it makes me anxious)
  • I love to cook (why is it that when a woman loves to cook she’s viewed as old fashioned, and when a man loves to cook he has a show on the food network?)
  • I love aromatherapy (I sometimes add too many drops of essential oil and then can’t breathe)
  • I love to watch movies (actually, I love watching the same movie over and over and over)
  • I like clean and simple design (I’m a closet minimalist)
  • I love the idea of the Kon Marie Method (but I had to hang my white t-shirts, too many to keep track of when folded)
  • I love purse backpacks (I buy too many and then use the same one all the time)
  • I’m getting better with impulse buying (now I actually ask myself if I really need it and love it)
  • I love candy (but feel horrible when I eat too much of it)
  • I want to lose 10 pounds (but do nothing more than wish it away)
  • I’m always early (I secretly envy those who live a more relaxed lifestyle)
  • I love my alone time (but then get sad when no one calls or emails me for a day)
  • I am grateful, blessed and loved – no parentheses – just the facts, folks, just the facts