I have to admit that peonies are one of my favorite flowers!  They are just so magnificent and majestic.  It takes a while  before they burst open in all of their elegance, but it is worth the wait.  They hide their beauty inside a perfectly formed round bud and who could ever guess that at the right time, they would flower into a sweet smelling flower with layers and layers of delicate petals.  

And then, just when it seems as though they should stand up proud for all of the world to admire their majesty, the weight of the blossom causes them to bend to the ground.

I was thinking…..perhaps it is in humility that they lower their heads to the ground.  Perhaps they know of their sweet smell and beauty and bow down in gratitude to their Creator.  Perhaps instead of basking in their own brilliance, they pay homage to God, the source of all splendor.  I was thinking……

(pay no attention to the weeds in the photo, I suppose they have a purpose too)