A Letter to Fear


Dear Fear,

Caveat: I only use the word ‘Dear’ because I do believe that in some circumstances you can be helpful, such as when I’m being chased by a lion…..

Fear, you are like a wild weed which overgrows and strangles anything good and true.   You play with my mind and distort my thinking and feeling.  If I don’t catch you immediately when you surface, you trick my mind and lead me in directions that are destructive and dangerous.  You are a robber and a thief!  This is what you steal from me:

my inner peace

my ability (the gift) to live in the present moment

my hopes and dreams

my inability to let go of the past

my desire to move forward….to move at all, you are a paralysis

and most importantly, the love of self which is necessary before I can truly love others (“Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31)

So, here’s the deal, fear – I’m on to you, your tricks, your sneakiness, your thievery!  Play your games but don’t think that you’re going to beat me.  I see you for what you are…..a weak bully who needs my cooperation to grow.  You are one weed that is not going to grow in my garden……at least for today!


6 thoughts on “A Letter to Fear

  1. Andie: Oh this one hit the mark! You are so right, been fighting this battle all my life. It is getting better though with the help of the Holy Spirit! I do love your posts. Lori

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