I spent the afternoon yesterday with my Mom who is in a nursing home with dementia.  Last week she took a turn for the worse and I don’t know how many days I will have left to be with her. It’s a little difficult to communicate with her because she can’t have a conversation anymore and she dozes on and off.  When my sister was with her last week she told me that she put the rosary on Youtube for her.  My mom is very devoted to this prayer and each afternoon throughout her life she would go into her prayer room and spend an hour with God.

I played the rosary for her yesterday and even though she didn’t communicate with me, I know that she was in a safe place, in the arms of God. I watched her face, eyes closed,  and although it had no expression on it, I could feel a presence around us. I thought, ‘this is real….this is so real!’

The faith that she clung on to throughout her life is there for her now.  

Honestly, how do you get through life if you don’t have faith?

My plea to all who read this:  I don’t care what you call it or what church you go or don’t go to, none of that really matters because God is so much bigger than labels and buildings.  

Anything that is good, anything that is sustaining, anything that is true, anything that is loving……that is of God!  

Find a faith, find your faith.  Don’t try to understand it, explain it, categorize it or limit it.  Let it flow through you as the Ruah (breath) that it is.  Find it in the quiet, find it in creation, find it through others, find it in the Word.  Receive it.

It is real…..IT IS REAL!