Slowly over time, I have come to realize that I have more choices than I think.  Sure, I still want to control the universe, but unfortunately, that is not one of my options!  Life happens, people come and go, good things come to an end (happily, bad things do too), and we just have to live with it…..or do we?

While we may not be able to always control the fate of things, we do get to choose our reaction to them.  I have a sign in my meditation room that reads, “Choose Joy.” I try to look at it every day and, yes, I admit, there are days when I’d like to turn it so that the words face the wall, but there are other days when it serves as a gentle reminder to jolt me out of the funk that I’m feeling.

We have more choices than we think.  We can’t choose what others may do, but we can choose our response.  Choose Joy!