The pic says it all


So, I decide to start posting again because I had a really rough year and I wanted to share with you how I dealt with the pain of betrayal and how I grew from it all.  Well, maybe I have, but there is much that still needs healing.

Yesterday a friend called and began taking about what happened, and before you knew it, I began my downward spiral.  Those old feelings of hurt and sadness came gushing back and before I knew it, I was angry…..yet again!  I took some time to vent, wallowed a while and then tried to distract myself.

I woke up this morning and began to think again.  This is NOT who I want to be.  I do not want to be angry because that baggage weighs me down.  When Jesus said to pray for those who persecute us, He meant that for OUR healing.  I want to be free of all of this.  I want to let it go, but I realize that it’s a process….and it takes time.  

Yesterday I veered off the track of forgiveness, healing and freedom.  Today I get back on….

Who knows, maybe these setbacks are all part of the journey, there to keep us humble.  I CAN  do this….but not alone.  Holy Spirit, fill my heart!

8 thoughts on “The pic says it all

  1. Healing is a process, we have all been there and probably will be again. It’s kind of like grieving, there are steps forward and then it sweeps in again. Our hearts grow a little stronger each time ❤️

  2. Take all the hurt and pain and anger to God and ask for healing. God wants us to be healed but sometimes we have to totally surrender all of that hurt in order to be open to the healing process. It is not easy and it is so shattering to be betrayed by someone we have trusted. I expect that I’m not writing anything that you haven’t already reflected on, but I will add that God asks us to rest in God. Be good to yourself and just rest in God. Blessings.

    1. Thank you Lynda……it seems like I have to surrender over and over and over!!! But, that keeps up connected with God, so it’s a good thing!!! Thanks for your prayers!

  3. Praying for you, this was one of the worst kinds of betrayal (if one is actually worse then another) allow yourself setbacks, for that’s all they are.

  4. Andie, I don’t know what happened and it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that God is with you and I know the Holy Spirit is working to make all things new, every…..single….day. Praying for you! Lori

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