Can you imagine what it must have been like to see someone walking toward you on the water?

Here you are, struggling because you have no control over this boat that is being tossed around by the winds and the waves.

You glance outward, and see the shape of a man who seems to have total control over the elements that are rendering you helpless.

It has to be some kind of a ghost, and a new fear begins to take hold.  And then you hear a familiar voice telling you not to be afraid.  How many times have you heard that phrase from the same man?

We battle with these storms everyday.  Some of them are small and last only a few moments, while others seem to take you under and leave you gasping for air.

We have a choice, we can stay focused on the waves and try to battle them ourselves, or we can look upward and see the Man who is always in front of us, ready to calm the seas and calm our hearts.

“Be not afraid.” Comforting words to hear……difficult words to live.