It’s been a while…. I’ve missed my blog.  I’m not really sure if there is anyone out there who will still read it, but right now that isn’t what is most important to me.  I just feel called to write, to try to focus my thoughts and to share a little of the vastness of what is inside of me.

I was telling someone the other day, that the older I get, the less I  know.  The fact is, the less I really want to know.  These days I’m very weary of those with answers….at least answers to ‘real’ questions.  Concepts like God, love, compassion and even time don’t have answers, I don’t think definitions are adequate, in fact, as soon as we try to define them, they become our idols.  These cannot be defined, they can only be felt.  And when we sit still enough to feel, we begin to know in ways that can never be defined by words.  Our words are inadequate.

This knowing is pure gift and it is felt with such certainty and conviction that no one can challenge it.  And while others may not understand it, it is the purest form of communication.  This knowing is not ours, it is of God and because of that it connects us all on the deepest levels.

This week my challenge is to look at others into others.  I want to see beyond the surface and listen to their unspoken words.  I want to see everyone as a fellow meander-er.  If I can do that, even for a moment, then I will see them not with my eyes, but with the eyes of God.