I think I’ve finally found it

3 thoughts on “I think I’ve finally found it”

  1. Brilliant!
    I get so lost in all the semantics and cleverness that I sometimes think I’ll just give up. I’ll get out my Children’s Big Book of Bible Stories and say my prayers the way my Mom taught me. (and donate a library’s worth of books to a worthy cause.)

  2. I recently read Rohr’s book on the subject (Immortal Diamond) because I wanted to be able recognize my True Self if I ever ran into her. LOL It is not a bad book, but teasing the Real Me from the False Me is not easy. I get closest to her, I think, when I connect with my Inner Child. She is closest to God, I think, freer, more open, wiser in her own way, unpolluted. So I am not far from your discoveries.

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