I love my blog/ I hate my blog

The truth is, I really do love my blog.  I know that I haven’t posted since March and am wondering if anyone is really still out there….?, but my blog helps me to slow down, focus and reflect on things – everyday things in my life.  Having said that, I must also admit that I hate my blog as well – make sense?  Let me explain…..

Something pops into my mind and I say to myself, “Oh….I need to write about that.  I’ll post my thoughts on my blog”  And I do, and it’s therapeutic, and I love doing it.  The same thing happens again, perhaps the next day, maybe a few days later…and again, I post.  This continues for a while and I’m feeling good about my blog.  And then it happens….a few weeks go by and I begin to think, I need to post, it’s been a while and the pressure begins in my head.  It’s been weeks, months….I’m not blogging…..and then it happens….I hate my blog!

And so, this is what I need to get my head around…..I want to love my blog and so, I will not worry about keeping a schedule.  I will not look at the dates of my previous posts, and I will try not to look at my stats.  I have begun to take early morning walks – my daybreak walks – and these walks have been such a wonderful time of prayer and reflection.  There is much that I’d like to share with you… pressure……

I love my blog

p.s. – thanks Sonja!