Be cautious of the ‘wrapping’

6 thoughts on “Be cautious of the ‘wrapping’”

  1. God has the most amazing ways of showing God’s love and how we are to live that love. I am overwhelmed by this transformational incident in your life.

  2. Oh, isn’t that just like God . . . He’s just so creative in the way He loves – and the way He teaches! And He knows just how to personalize the two for each of us! Love this story; thanks for sharing! And I have to say: I am guilty, too.

  3. Hi Andie:

    I just wanted to let you know that you are missed! I found one of your old comments on my page and came over here. I’m sure your life is full these days, but I do miss reading your blogs, I always related!

    Trusting all is well with Andie!!


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