It’s so tempting, isn’t it?


Lessons to learn from Pope Benedict’s Resignation:

Whatever faith we choose, whatever religion we belong to, whatever spirituality we adopt, we can all learn from the news this past week regarding the resignation of Pope Benedict’s XVI.  Here are the points that I want to take away from this:

+  No job is so important that it can’t or won’t continue when I step away from it

+  It takes a real humility to accept my limitations

+  Whatever my position is, even if my title may be the Head of the Catholic Church on earth, the Church ultimately belongs to God and the Holy Spirit will guide it

+  There comes a time, no matter what my role or service in the church may be, when it is time to remember that the relationship is ultimately between God and me

+  And… is at that time that I must really look deep inside and, through prayer, get my personal ‘house in order’ and be willing to take a step into the darkness

It’s so tempting to think that I am in control…..but….

I must pray for the strength to not ‘eat that apple’.

11 thoughts on “It’s so tempting, isn’t it?

    1. I see your point, Rich. What I was thinking was that we step from our security to the unknown (darkness)…but, in truth, we are really stepping into the Light, aren’t we???

  1. I was surprised, as most of us probably were, to hear of Pope Benedict’s resignation this past Monday, but my admiration for him has grown, as I had some time to reflect upon the event. He is truly a great and humble man. We were blessed to have him as Pope.


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