God’s topsy-turvy world

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Reflect on this…..

God’s World:

He speaks in the silence

The first will be last and the last will be first

Blessed be the….poor, mourning, meek, hungry

“I’ll have dinner at your house tonight Zacchaeus”

“If I don’t wash your feet…..”

“Whoever loves his life will lose it”

“It is profitable for you that I go away”

Death on a cross means victory

And we wonder why people have trouble with Christianity????


9 thoughts on “God’s topsy-turvy world

  1. Your posts are always so thought-provoking. These little pearls of wisdom which you’ve been reflecting on recently are stretching my brain to it’s limits, and I love it. More please!

  2. Yes, our Lord Jesus the Christ thought and lived outside the box and he challenges us to do the same. It is not easy to follow Jesus as it is revolutionary but ever so freeing! Thanks for this post. Blessings.

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