Two days ago I awoke to this view from my window.  We had experienced some pretty heavy winds, and if this was the only thing that happened,
I should be grateful.  As I was reflecting on it, however, the old adage came to mind –

” Trees that don’t bend with the wind, won’t last the storm”

I began to think about the storms in my life and whether or not I have ‘bent’ with them.  I began to think of the dangers of rigidity and seeing things only
in black or white.  I began to reflect on where I see this in the world today, in relationships and in my own life.

I took this picture so that I can continue to learn from it.
a few last thoughts…

+ when the tree refuses to bend, it breaks leaving sharp edges –
it’s difficult to embrace  sharp edges

+ it falls to the ground, no longer does it look upward,
soon it will only belong to the earth

+ It will not continue to grow.  Its refusal to bend has caused it its life

+ this tree’s rigidity caused it to split – weakening the whole

+ storms pass.  Had this tree been a bit more flexible,
it could have lived and stood up straight again when the storm was over.