Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

1 Peter 4:7

Intercessory prayer has always been a mystery to me.  Oh, I believe in it….I always ask for other’s prayers and often offer to pray for them as well.  I know that it is important.  I know that it makes a difference.  I can’t really explain how, but I suppose that it may not really matter if I understand it or not.  As a Christian, we must find peace in Mystery.

So, someone close to me is hurting and in pain.  I present her to God, I pray for her and then, according to St. Peter, I’m supposed to let it go?  Much easier said then done!  Here is where my little brain goes:   If I let it go, will God think that I don’t care anymore about it?  Don’t I have to keep telling God how worried I am?  I would feel guilty if I don’t obsess about it….

It’s like a tug of war with God.  I pray and surrender – I’m filled with worry – I lift her to God – I’m anxious about the situation.  Maybe that’s the best that I can do.  I’m only human after all.  When people I care about are hurting, I hurt too.

For today, my prayer is that I can ease up just a little on my grip – not quite ready to let go of the rope and end this game of tug or war, but perhaps, just for today, I can be pulled a bit towards God’s side.