There is talk in washington, hollywood, school districts, and states all focusing on what it was that could have caused a tragedy like Newtown.  Guns, video games, violent tv and movies, lack of mental health support and facilities…This is good.  All of these  are contributing factors and all of them should be talked about.  It’s difficult to predict what the outcome may be.  Change?  We can hope.  Let’s keep the conversation going.

But, let’s not leave it up to others.  We have some power here…we can begin to make a difference.  We are the consumers who buy these video games.  We are the fans who attend these movies.  We are the ones who believe that assault rifles and high powered magazines are our ‘right’ because we are americans.

Money is a powerful motivator….greed and power are aphrodisiacs…never enough

Let’s stop buying these games, let’s stop attending these movies, let’s stop purchasing these guns.

Blessed Mother Teresa never looked at the ‘big picture’ of poverty.  If she had, she might have been so overwhelmed and discouraged…it may have paralyzed her efforts.  No, she looked at one person at a time and person-by-person, changed the world.

Will the sale of one less video game or movie ticket change the culture?  Probably not, but if we can come together, one person at a time….we can bring about change.  It’s happened before….it can happen again!Untitled