paro_AL_standingSomeday we will all stand before God – ok, so I don’t really think that we will stand before a God holding a clipboard of our life – but, each of us will stand before God. We all know the image from our childhood, you and God – Judgment Day.  We don’t know what this will look like, but I do think that when in the presence of  Perfect Love, our ‘sins’ will be exposed.

I could write a long laundry list with the ‘sins’ that I have committed in my life.  I’m sure that we all could.  And, we could rate them – there are all sorts of ‘rating systems’, the Ten Commandments, Mortal and Venial, sins of commission vs. omission, etc.  But…..I’m wondering if our ratings would match Gods?!?!

What will God ask us....

why didn’t you obey the Law more?

why didn’t you go to church more?

what religion are you?

why didn’t you do more?

or perhaps……

why did you lie?

why did you steal?

why did you cheat?

Maybe God will have lots of questions for us, or, maybe God will only have ONE question for us….

WHY DIDN’T YOU ACCEPT MY LOVE?  Think about it….Do you really accept God’s love?  Or, do you set up boundaries and roadblocks between you and God?  

God, I don’t deserve your love

God, I’ll come back when I’ve changed – gotten better

God, you couldn’t possibly love me with all I’ve done

God, I need to work harder for you, to pray more to you, to do more for you….

These are all self-imposed blocks to God’s love. God wants to love you, it’s that simple and that difficult.  God is love, that’s who he is, that’s what he does.  At the end of our lives, when we come face to face with God, we will see that Love, the ‘veil will be lifted’.

Why didn’t you accept my love?  I think I just discovered my New Year’s Resolution….