How do we experience everything?  We see, we hear, we smell, we  taste, we touch.  Our five senses are our windows to the world.

We can’t block out our senses, if our eyes are open, we see.  We can’t not hear the sounds around us, etc.  And yet, even though our senses are bombarded at each moment, we can choose how we incorporate our experiences.

Do we look or do we see?  The difference may be subtle, but upon reflection, there is a world of difference.  Do we hear or do we listen?  Do we feel or do we touch?  Do we taste or do we savour, do we inhale or do we breathe?

Think about your day – how much beauty did you see?  How many people did you really listen to?  How was dinner – savoured or rushed while watching the news?  Did you feel the touch of a loved one today?  How about your breath – did you breathe deeply enough to nourish all the cells in your body with oxygen?

Look-see, hear-listen, feel-touch, inhale-breathe, taste-savour – synonyms, or are they???