I’ve been doing a lot of talking with teens lately about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  It’s important that they realize that after a gift is given, it’s up to us whether we use that gift or ‘put it away on a shelf somewhere’. 

I try to give them real life situations that they may face and them have them guess which Gift of the H.S. they could use.  They have fun with the different scenarios and, hopefully, it makes these Gifts real to them and their daily lives.

But…with each Gift comes a responsibility.  The Gifts are for us but they’re not only about us.  These Gifts help us, but if we are to truly use them as God intended, then they are to help others as well.

Understanding – no longer will I be able to judge from the surface.  I will have to look deeper into the heart, and that will have to make a difference in the way that I act.  Strike back or understand???

Knowledge – no longer will I be able to pretend that I don’t see things.  I will have to take action – to speak up sometimes, and to keep silent sometimes…

Right Judgment – no longer will I be able to ignore that quiet voice inside of me that whispers right from wrong.  I will have to listen, reflect and discern….

Wisdom – no longer will I be able to blame…my youth, my life, my circumstance, others.  I will have to take responsibility and have the confidence in myself to make a difference…one person at a time.

Courage – no longer will I be able to sit quietly when I see injustice.  I will have to act, to speak, to be the voice for those who have none…

Wisdom and Awe – no longer will I be able to rush through each day without noticing the beauty of God’s world.  I will have to stop and ‘be still’ and see that creation is a verb.

Reverence – this is the most difficult one of all because…no longer will I be able to keep God out of every aspect of my life, my thoughts, my decisions, my actions, my breath.  No longer will I be able to act upon what I want or what makes me feel good….I will have to ‘decrease so that He can increase’ – not easy!

The two sides of gifts……