An Interesting Lent

What an interesting lent this is turning out to be.  To all those strong and disciplined people out there, I tell you this in the utmost humility:  This year the lenten promise that I made lasted a whole 6 days!  I think that this was the shortest thus far in my life!

My lenten promise, what I decided to do, what I thought was best….hmm… and, as usual, God has other plans!  Now, I’m not blaming God for my lack of will power (that chocolate was just too good to resist!),  but as the days and weeks passed, I realized that there is something to learn here, how can I grow from this experience?

First, it teaches me great humility – I’m not in charge and I am not strong enough to ‘go it alone’.  I trip and fall, over my own feet sometimes, and I’m so grateful for the loving arms that always pick me up and hold me as I begin to walk again.

Second, if I am quiet enough then I can hear that tiny whisper which lets me know what I should really be concentrating on.  And, it is always gift, pure gift, not deprivation, although sometimes it may sting a little, like the bright light on a sunny day.

So, what is it for me this lent? 

I remember the cross….I remember the reason for the cross.  He asks me to give to him my  worries.  Fears that have actually become a part of me.  Worries that I cling to.  He wants them, He wants my healing, he wants my wholeness….

Now, that’s really giving something up for lent!

6 thoughts on “An Interesting Lent

  1. Hi Andie
    i share your limitations with a similar lesson. I decided to give up meat and found that at every opportunity for hospitality or ministry – there was meat! With the choice of saying no – or saying thank you; I decided to go with the latter. As Jesus says – it isn’t what goes into your body that matters – it’s what goes into your spirit.
    Maybe you really do learn the most from your failures:)

  2. I think you have “hit the nail on the head” for many of us. He does want us to give Him our deepest needs – which is always the hardest to do. But His grace is sufficient and His love is patient and He will continue to gently remind us that He loves us too much to leave us the way we are.

  3. I love your honesty and your humility. God wouldn’t mind you having that chocolate, because you have discovered the real meaning of Lent, and you’re willing to lay down your life and follow Him.

  4. Andie, as usual you have really spoken to me. This Lent I opened myself to God’s healing and truly allowed God to love me and heal me. I gave up my pain and I cannot believe the freedom I have been given in return. Thanks be to God.

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