Love is a funny thing….

5 thoughts on “Love is a funny thing….”

  1. Andie,
    Great insight with this post. You are right. God loves every part of us. He loves the frazzled, scattered, qustioning, doubtful girl I am.

    I like when I read something that hits me right where I am. Thanks.

  2. You always allow me to see my relationship with God in a new light each time I visit your blog. I’m realizing now that we can do our best (which sometimes means simply letting go), but we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves and therefore not allow ourselves to feel God’s love for us.

  3. I can run to him “just as I am” and be confident that he can take what’s wrong in me and make it right. Even His correction is a sign that He loves me!

  4. I think that is why we need to be like children – who seem to have the better reslience to accepting, even expecting love no matter what.

  5. What a beautiful post here…..I love these thoughts. So many times I get caught in that trap of thinking that God’s love for me is measured by my own ability or inability to “do” what God expects. God IS love and His love for me is as unchanging as eternity. Thank you for this post today. Lori

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