What did I give up for lent?  What am I doing this lent?  How am I journeying   through lent and will this season bring me closer to God or will I stay stuck where I am?

As long as I keep the focus on ‘me’ and what I am doing and how I am doing, this lent will not bear much fruit.  I need to concentrate on God, and take the ‘me’ out of this equation.  My desire is to increase my desire, to grow closer to my Creator, to allow him to continue to create me. 

Lent is a time to go deep, to go inside to my center, but unless I recognize that God dwells there, I am still stumbling around in the dark.  He lives in me, and sometimes that is the best hiding place of all. 

Time alone, sitting in silence, letting those thoughts come and go in a most gentle way, allowing yourself to be loved – really loved is the best way that I know of to connect with the Source, God, my lover. 

The world has a problem with silence.  The world has a problem with ‘wasting time’, the world has a problem with God.

Perhaps the greatest discipline that I can have this lent is to allow God to love me….