The Letters of Lent

Image   I took a few moments to go outside yesterday to enjoy a bit of the sunshine and to take my little dog for a short walk.  I began to think of the word ‘lent’, not necessarily the origin of the word, but rather the letters of the word.  Lent spelled backwards isn’t a word – TNEL  – but by switiching the n with the e, you get TENL.  This may not look like anything, but how about this?  Ten – L.  Now we have the story of the Bible, our Salvation History.  The Law and Jesus.

Ten:  The Commandments – The Law, basically the message of the Old Testament

L:  Love, basically the message of Jesus

Jesus didn’t come to abolish The Law, but to fulfil it.  And the fulfillment of The Law is love. 

Love always has the final word…..

My meditation today:  Am I acting out of The Law or out of Love?

One thought on “The Letters of Lent

  1. I hope I am growing in this area, but I know He has much to teach me. I Corinthians 13 comes to mind as the perfect description of this kind of love.

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