A Model of Reverence

I just returned from a four day retreat at a monastery.  Each time that I go on retreat, I am pleasantly surprised by what I take away from it.  I go with expectations and assumptions, but thankfully, God has other plans.  The grace-filled moments gift me with far more than I could ever imagine.  Time alone, dedicated to God, is most necessary and fruitful.  Wasting time with God?  Yes, the very essence of prayer.

The few conferences offered contained so much that I feel as though I can only process bits at a time, but this pearl of wisdom touched my heart and has remained with me these past few days.  This is what the retreat presenter said:

“If you want a model of true reverence, than you only need to look at the way that God treats us.”

Wow, usually we think of it as the other way around, but I dare to say, that our treatment of God isn’t always the best model of reverence!  But, think about his words.  How does God treat us?

The hairs on our heads are counted

Jesus died for us

God formed us in our mother’s womb

Our names are on the palm of his hand…

The list from Scripture goes on and on, but here’s another thought. 

The fact that God honors our free will is true reverence. 

“If you want a model of true reverence, than you only need to look at the God’s relationship to us.”

6 thoughts on “A Model of Reverence

  1. A new insight! Thanks. It’s amazing how God places new light in our path – and how He reinforces truths we need. He knows us . . . He cares about details!

  2. Ah, I love retreats too. I can’t hardly wait to go on one! Thank you, Andie, for sharing some of the fruits of yours 🙂 Good food for thought for the days to come!

  3. What a lovely way to start Lent Andie. Thanks for this and I pray these words will stay with me this Lent..
    Blessings to you for a Holy Spirit filled Lent and I look forward to being with you on the journey

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