You really want to be careful with that one…

I was talking with a couple people the other day.  One of those light but heavy conversations…We got on the topic of some of the ‘big’ authors of faith, Rahner, Balthasar, de Chardin, etc.  Oh, not that we were discussing their theology, no, it was more like…’why is it so difficult to understand their writings…?’

One of the people said something like, ‘Why do these authors make such simple tenets so complicated?’  He then went on to say, ‘Just read the Gospels, I understand everything Jesus meant’.

Oooooh, I’d be really careful with a statement like that!  Jesus, the God-man who turned the world upside down.  Jesus, the God-man who was unpredictable – silent when I would have screamed, slow when I would have rushed, faithful when I would have given up, loving when I would have turned away…..

Do I have faith? I sure hope so.  Do I love him? I think so.  Do I understand him?  Well, I’m still working on that one…..

5 thoughts on “You really want to be careful with that one…

  1. I don’t know Balthasar. I may have a book by him. If so, I have not read it. But Rahner et Teilhard de Chardin, I have read, studied, and loved. Some parts are easier than others, true.
    As to Jesus and the Gospels, the great difficulty is to follow in his steps. I can’t say I’m doing so well there.

  2. The Gospels for me are a great starting point for an ever-evolving, deepening relationship with God. Mystery can be equally frustrating and equally beautiful and inspiring…I try to live by the words of the bible as best as I can and have found them to be very valuable. I admire your honesty with these difficult questions. 🙂

  3. I try to remember that when I am reading the theologians and philosophers then, as great as they are, they are writing their own truths and the beauty and grace of the Gospels is that they will always have something new to say no matter how many times we read them.

  4. I understand enough of Jesus’ teachings to understand that I’ll only understand everything He said and did when I sit with Him in heaven! But I’m so thankful He reveals enough of Himself to us – and in the measure that we seek Him! I think most of us understand more truths than what we put in practice. An old song says, “I don’t have to understand; I just have to hold His hand.”

  5. oh such a good point Andie. As to Jesus and the gospels, I ‘get it’ but I don’t always live like I get it. He is so much more than I live out so many days. He is my ultimate example, for everything, and by His grace, I’m growing deeper every day, but boy oh boy… some days make me wonder just how deep is my true understanding of what a God we serve! How thankful I am that He gets me, completely, and forgives and gives constant grace and love.

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