Has it really been this long? You’ve heard it all before….hours turn into days, days into weeks, etc. etc.

It’s been a whirlwind..both good and not so good, ah, the ups and downs of life.

So much of my time, efforts and energy goes into working with kids. Our kids, our hurting, lonely, searching, scarred and scared kids…just what are we doing to them?

Turn on the TV, check out the iphones, facebooks and twitters… The toys get bigger and better and the kids get more and more lost and lonely. It’s so sad….

I ask them to write – actually type answers, reflections and thoughts. They really open up because they are typing on a computer and not sitting face to face. It doesn’t take an advanced degree in psych. to hear what they are crying out for.

Please pray with me for these kids….

We’re counting on them….let’s help them actually DO what we thought we were going to do way back when in our college days….

There is something beyond the shrugs of the shoulders, the rolls of the eyes, the glazed expressions…look inside….that’s where God lives….in them….in us.