Masters of their craft….

4 thoughts on “Masters of their craft….”

  1. Andie, this is a great challenge. My former spouse is extremely clever at manipulation and although I am aware of this and say very little, I am always amazed at how conversations are directed. My only solution is to limit our contact as there are too many consequences of long conversations. Since I made that decision (with some help) the stress has diminished greatly. All circumstances are different and you may not be able to limit the frequency & length of visits but please know that setting boundaries to protect yourself is often necessary.

    May God give you the wisdom, courage and strength to do what is necessary.

  2. It is Jesus who has this gift – I will pray for him to lead the way. Be gentle with yourself and them.+x

  3. Ohhh it just makes you feel so uncomfortable doesn’t it? Especially from a family member! I know this very well, and I will be praying for the situation. Lori

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