When I sit down at my Thanksgiving Table today, I look around and see family and friends and I say ‘Thank You’.  I am grateful for the love, the laughter, the food, the children….

When I sit in quiet today, I look inside and see doubt, insecurities, fear, broken-ness and I say ‘Thank You’ ?!?!

Thank You for my doubts, because they force me to dig deeper, to keep searching, to re-affirm

Thank you for my insecurities because they keep me humble, they focus my eyes on Thee rather than on Me

Thank you for my fears because as I slowly progress and conquer each one, they keep me moving forward on this journey.

And…Thank you for my broken-ness because it keeps me connected with others.  It invites me to see other’s broken-ness and it teaches me love and compassion.

There is much to be thankful for.  There is light in the darkness, hope in the desperate, and hidden blessings in the pain.

And…I am thankful for my friends…..both near and far!  Thanks for your patience!