A Blogging Break

Just in case you haven’t noticed…..I haven’t been able to post lately.  Instead of getting up each day and thinking about it, I’ve decided to take a break until Thanksgiving.

Hope you’ll stay with me!

24 thoughts on “A Blogging Break

  1. I’ve only recently come out of hiding myself. As St Teresa of Avila once opined, there is a time for partridge and a time for porridge. Sometimes we blog, sometimes we do not – all for the glory of God! Peace to you!

  2. I always enjoy what you have to say, Andie. And I like that you are succinct, which I am usually not.

    I refrained from blogging for the summer so I could ponder how to focus my blogging. I wasn’t able to figure that out, so I will continue the hiatus indefinitely.

    Enjoy you blog Sabbatical!

  3. Hey Andie, I dropped in to love on you and see you’re on what looks like a much needed break so I’m glad for you.Enjoy yourself and have an awesome Thanksgiving. See you when you return. Blessings to you!

    1. Oh Phil, and I do miss visiting! I’m also reading Rohr’s ‘Falling Upwards’ – actually doing it in my Centering Prayer group. I love it as well…meant to comment on your post but never got to it…..Ugh!

  4. We will be waiting when you get back….enjoy your rest and this wonderful beautiful season. Fall is a perfect time to reflect on the end of the year……while you watch the leaves float down. We will be looking forward to your return! Lori

  5. Hi ndie:

    I hopped over to catch up and here you are on a probably much needed break. Good for you! We all seem to need that from time to time. You will be missed, but enjoy this time off and I will be watching for you later after Thanksgiving.

    Your blogs are always so special!


  6. Andie, take time for yourself, re-establish a balance in your life. We all need it from time to time. I know I am blogging much less than I used to as a kind of hiatus. I am confident this will be a rich time for you because I believe it is in the vacant spaces, the in-between spaces, that we find God. Blessings. Take whatever time you need. I do miss your comments.

  7. Andie, I’ve been MIA since September and just now stepping back in. We’ll be here when you get back. Take good care and may you know the fullness of God’s blessings as you do a little less and take more time to just be.

  8. Hi Andie,
    Just calling in to say Hi and I hope that things have gone well for you on your break from blogging. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Sure have missed your posts.

  9. Hey, I’m Staying with you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with God’s richest blessings to you and your family. MIss your posts! Lori

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