Amazing….simply amazing

If you could say anything to Jesus right now, what would it be?????

This was a question that I asked  some 6th grade students a couple of weeks ago.  I love reading their responses because it gives me a glimpse into their hearts.  There were the typical answers…I’d ask him ‘why’ – finish that question with a variety of phrases…do people suffer?  is there war in the world?  don’t you fix things? – That was one category.

Another popular response was….’I’d thank him…..for my family, for my life, for my pets, etc. 

Their answers were well thought out, I was convinced that they took it seriously and I also believe that they believe in Jesus and recognize who he is.

There was one…there is always at least one…that leaps off the page.  This one takes this question to an entirely different level.

Remember the question, 

If you could say anything to Jesus right now, what would it be?????

The sixth grader’s answer…..”I’d tell him a joke.  I would love to make Jesus laugh.  I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THE SOUND OF GOD’S LAUGHTER”

Nothing more for me to say…..except for ‘I wish I thought of that!!!’

5 thoughts on “Amazing….simply amazing

  1. What a great question. And I love the answer about making Jesus laugh. I always think of Him as so serious — but I imagined he laughed, too. What a joy that would be to experience laughing with Jesus!

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