I’ve always been intrigued by Paul’s ‘thorn in his side’.  We aren’t told what it is, we know that he wants it gone, and we hear that his response is, ‘my Grace is sufficient for you’.  I’ve posted on this before…

We all have those annoying thorns in our lives.  For some of us it may be an illness and for others a habit or personality flaw that we are trying to work on.  We ask God again and again for help – please remove this thorn.  If only I could change this or conquer that!

But what if that thorn is a person who is in your life?  Someone who you struggle with time and time again.  I would be such a better person if he or she didn’t bug me so much!  And yet, it is precisely that person who may be the instrument in helping you to become that better person that you long to be.

That person is there for a reason, they may be your very ticket to heaven.  Instead of looking outward at him or her, perhaps we should look inward at ourselves.  What is it about that person that makes you nuts?  Is it your own insecurities or fears?  Are you jealous?  Are you threatened in some way?  Feeling a bit inadequate or ignored?

I think that we all battle with these kinds of ‘thorns’ and maybe they are in place to help us to get to know ouselves a little better.  It’s difficult, but His Grace is sufficient.